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Prior to 1977, the plight of the alcoholic or addict going through a treatment program has been described as “like pulling a drowning child out of the water, drying him off, and then pushing him back in.” A properly structured second stage recovery facility for alcoholics and addicts (i.e. post primary treatment) did not exist in Winnipeg.

A.R.I. Board members recognized this dilemma, plus the fact that a large part of the disease of addiction is related to ‘living problems’. The Board also acknowledged that arresting this disease takes considerable time, especially for those with a long history of problem drinking or using. Therefore, the main thrust of A.R.I. is to provide housing for men, in which individual, goal-oriented recovery programs are operative.


Programs within the houses are not structured so as to be confused with primary treatment. Rather, they are the second stage in the recovery process - designed to encourage and strengthen the support system after primary treatment. A.R.I.'s objective is to assist residents in re-establishing their sense of responsibility and self-esteem, to a point that they become strong enough to cope with everyday living problems without the need to resort to alcohol or drugs, and to eventually return to the community and manage completely on their own resources.

Residents are encouraged to set both short and long term goals, and to work towards the achievement of their goals.


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