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About Us

Our homes provide a therapeutic living environment, structure, solace and mentoring for men in early recovery. We understand that recovery is a long vigorous journey and that many people have tried multiple times to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol, only to fall back into old habits. At ARI we work to bridge the gap between early recovery and community reintegration by providing residents with the necessities for living so they can focus on putting their recovery first. We work from a 12-Step based recovery program which is essential for building a solid foundation for sustainable long-term recovery.

Research and real-life experience show that people who go on to second stage sober living homes after primary treatment, benefit greatly compared to those who don’t.  The team at ARI knows this all too well, as we have the lived experience, the trial and error and the educated stance to know what it takes to sustain a longstanding quality recovery from drugs and alcohol.

History of ARI

In 1977, six citizens concerned about community re-entry needs of the recovering alcoholic formed Alcohol Recovery Inc. (ARI). Until that time, a program did not exist in the Winnipeg area tailored to meet the long-term implications of addiction recovery. Consequently, the Board of Directors of the newly formed ARI designed a ‘living program’ for recovering alcoholics that would give individuals a better chance of successful long-term recovery.

Funding and support were sought from institutions and individuals to get the ARI homes under way. In November 1978, ARI opened a men’s residence and in May 1980 a second house began operations. Today ARI provides services for men from two seven-bed facilities located in the North End of Winnipeg.

In 2000, to better reflect the growing impact drugs were having on those struggling with addiction, ARI changed its name to Addictions Recovery Inc.

Board of Directors

ARI is a non-profit, non-denominational organization managed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which meets monthly to plan for and address the needs of the residents, and to oversee the operation of both houses.  

Addictions Recovery Inc.

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