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Our Program

Programs within the ARI houses are considered the second stage in the recovery process – post primary treatment.  Residents learn the skills to effectively deal with the many stressors present in early recovery and develop those necessary for long-term contented sobriety.  Living at ARI allows adequate time for strong personal growth and regular access to constructive support from staff and peers.

Residents attend in-house 12-Step meetings twice a week, as well as 12-Step meetings within the community. They are encouraged to find a sponsor in their fellowship of choice, work through the 12 Steps, participate in service work, upgrade their education and / or find employment, and as time permits do some volunteer work within the community.

With the assistance of ARI Addictions Workers, residents are required to set short-term and long-term SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely) goals and develop a plan of action to constructively address problem areas in their life.  Recovery is about progress not perfection – ARI staff routinely review each resident’s progress towards their individual goals, offering knowledge, resources, and lived experience.  

Length of Stay

Strengthening the support system post primary treatment in a therapeutic stable environment is crucial for long term sustainable recovery. In many cases a stay at ARI of nine to twelve months produces significant progress towards a life free of drugs and alcohol. However, because each case is unique, if at the end of a year ARI staff believe a longer stay is appropriate, residents can remain for up to two years.

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